Our Story

Nickelle Cosmetics was founded with one mission in mind - to help women everywhere fall back in love with themselves. We believe beauty comes from within, and that when you feel confident, you look even more beautiful on the outside. That's why we created our line of lip glosses and other beauty products, designed to heal your relationship with yourself and give you the confidence boost you need every day.


We take pride in only using the best ingredients for our cosmetics, as well as cutting-edge technologies to create products that are both effective and trendy. With Nickelle Cosmetics, you can finally learn how to love yourself again. From bold shades of lip gloss perfect for a night out, to subtle nude tones ideal for every skin tone.


It's time to take your beauty into your own hands - with Nickelle Cosmetics, you can love the skin you're in. Let us help you fall back in love with yourself today!